Club Penguin Halloween Party 2016!

1 10 2016

Hello penguins, the Halloween Party 2016 is here!

Here is the startscreen:


Looks pretty awesome! You see a ghost Puffle on the picture, members will be able to adopt one!

Once you choosed a server you will get this awesome halloween screen:


Looks pretty scary 😀

Once your on the server you will get this message from our friend Gary:

messagge Gary START.png

He will ask you to find some Spectral Sweets at the dock!

DOCK Quest.pngOnce you collected the sweets you will get this:

item dock.png

Gary will give you 2 awesome halloween items (only for Members)!

After that he will ask you this:

shack quest.pngHe will ask you to find Spectral Sweets in the Shack!SHACK QUEST 1.png

Once you find all the Spectral Sweets you will get this:

quest shack items.png

Again, Gary will give you 2 awesome halloween items (only for Members)!

The next Spectral Sweet Search is at the Forest:



Once you found all the candys, you will get 3 items from Gary (only for Members)!


The next Spectral Candy search is at the Snow Forts:


After you found the 3 Spectral Candys you will be able to get a Spook costume (only for Members)!



You can adopt a Ghost Puffle, If you want to adopt one you have to go to the Dock to adopt one!

Ghost Puffle.png

If you click on the Puffle you will get this screen:


You are able to adopt the Puffle, I called my Ghost Puffle Ghosty! What name will you give to your Ghost Puffle? Let us know in the comments below 😉 !

Cool Halloween Party, but there is one more thing that makes this Halloween Party amazing! You can TRANSFORM!!


You can transform at the beach!

You have to click on the machine that says “Turn into: Monster” (only for Members).

Once your in the machine you will change into a monster! Like this:


Looks scary brrrr…

Do you want your original Penguin again? Just click right down on your playercard or just go into the machine that says: “Turn into: Penguin”.

This was all the news for the Halloween Party 2016! Keep checking this page for updates!

Waddle on scary penguins!





2 responses

25 10 2016
Dj Stores

Awesome guide, Pinkmage! I called my Ghost Puffle… Bleh! Why? Because I imagine ghosts waddle around the island yelling “bleh, bleh, bleh”. It’s weird, but I think it’s also a pretty cool name. I’ve LOVED searching the island for Spectral Sweets. Have you heard about the upcoming Music Jam? I can’t wait to see your guide for it! Waddle on!

3 11 2016

Thanks Dj Stores! The Music Jam is great!
Do you like the Music Jam? 😉

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